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Buyer Guide



Our prices are most reasonable price, has been to reduce the profits of goods, MY QQ SHOP is certified legally registered company in Malaysia, MM can shop with confidence!


 MYQQSHOP@online shopping and regulations description:

Orders before Precautions

★please review product photos and descriptions before ordering. Do not imagined, optimistic about the size and color before the next single.

★picture color set for the computer screen may differ from the actual product color shall prevail.

★website picture provided by suppliers, and in-kind may have a slight difference.

★website most clothes not yet washing test, we recommend that you first do the laundry, especially dark clothes, should be treated separately.

★If after the remittance, found that ordered items is out of stock. we will contact you to solve the shortage problem as soon as possible.

★once you received your parcel please sms me, otherwise I would be very worried!

★will not accept do not like the color, not comfortable, poor quality workmanship, beautiful pictures, good and transparent, too large or too small, the reason for exchange/return!

★all specials will not be returned, except for some special quality problems.

★MYQQSHOP have the right to modify the rules without prior notice!


Member instructions 

★registered become our ​​member will earn points. Reward Points structure is : Rm1 = 1 Point. The points accumulated enjoy each order discounts of up to 10%.

Note: Specials are not eligible for this offer!

Payment instructions                                                                  

★you can remittances through online banking, ATM direct transfer or PAYPAL.

★site high flows, the next single as far as possible on the day of payment. After you pay, please immediately notify us via SMS / EMAIL Please remember to include your order number, the number of remittances, remittance bank.

★If you have more than paid, refund amount will put into parcel.  

★MM have to cancel the order, payment will not be refunded, MM are good decision before the next single!  

Shipping instructions】                                                                  

★after received your payment, we will send out your parcel, usually within 1-3 working days you will receive the package.

★We may be due to technical or staffing issues and late delivery does not notice. Urgently orders must be on the order form special instructions.  

★If out of stock, we will contact you to exchange other color or style. In a particular situation, we will directly refund to your event out of stock, your order may delay the shipment. 

★We use POSLAJU courier company. If international buyers, we use POS Register.

★After parcel sent out, our website will automatically EMAIL you about the package tracking number. Yet to receive the package three days after delivery, please directly contact the courier company to understand the situation. 

★If you fill in the wrong (or no sign) address or contact telephone number and the parcel is returned to, and we are not responsible for postage retransmission. Buyers must pay extra postage, we will help you re-shipment.

* By region


Refund of goods description

Please note! Specials or price of goods will not accept any returned!

★we have someone to check each item before shipping. Reduce quality problems.

★If the clothes are serious quality problems, should be an open clothes, you can see a large area of ​​dirty and clothing surface fabric damage such a serious problem, returned by both sides to share from the freight. The site of the profit is very low, we always try to lower the quality when quality problems occur, freight often higher than the profits of the product of many, we can afford only one-way freight, I hope you can understand.  

Additional information:you may be difficult to understand why quality problems but also you out of the freight, another idea, you go to the market to potential buyers, quality issues have to take your own change, manufacturers will not give you reimbursement of transportation costs. We can not guarantee that all goods are 100% no problem, I believe that without which the manufacturer or company can guarantee the goods 100% free.




If you order the Site goods as you have read, understand and agree to the above agreements, if you do not agree, you should immediately stop using the site services. We reserve the right to unilaterally at any time to modify or change the contents of the Service Agreement, and through the website at any time announce the date of the agreed matters, not otherwise notified individually.

Website : www.myqqshop.com 

Hotline : +6010-877 7217 / +6010-366 8469









★下单前请详细检阅商品照片及说明,切勿凭空想象, 请看好尺寸和颜色后才下单.











★注册成为本店会员将享有积分兑换. 凡购买 RM1 将获得1个积分. 累积的积分可享有每次下单优惠高达10%.

备注: 特价商品是不能享有此优惠!



★由于本站流动量很高,请下单后尽量在当天内付款. 付费后,请立即选择通过 SMS / EMAIL  通知我们. 请记得附上您的订单号, 汇款数量,汇款银行.





★我们会在收到MM的汇款后的第二天发货给你,一般上在 1-3个工作日*内您就会收到包裹了.

★我们可能会因技术或人手问题而延迟发货并不另行通知. 急用的订单必须在订货单上特别说明. 

★如果出现缺货的问题,我们会尽快联络您以调换其他颜色或款式. 在特定情况我们也会直接退款给你. 如果发生缺货的情况,您的订单很可能会延迟发货.  

★我们使用 POSLAJU 快递公司. 如果是国际买家,我们使用 POS Register 发给MM.

★出货后,我们网站会自动EMAIL您有关包裹的追踪号. 在发货后的3天还没有收到包裹,请您直接联络有关快递公司以了解情况. 

★如果您填写了错误(或无人签收)的地址或联络电话而导致包裹被退回来, 我们不会负责有关重发的邮费. 买家必须另付邮费,我们才会帮你重新发货.





★每件商品. 我们都有专人去检查后才发货. 减少质量的问题.

★如果衣服出现严重的质量问题,应该一打开衣服就可以看到的大面积脏以及服装表面面料破损这类严重问题时,退换时可由双方分担往返运费. 因为本站的利润是很低,我们始终在尽力降低这个质量问题,当发生质量问题时,运费往往比产品的利润高出许多,我们所能承担的只是单程的运费,希望各位能够理解.  

补充说明:你可能难于理解,为什么质量问题还要你出运费,换个想法,你去市场买货,有质量问题也得你自己拿去换,厂家也不会给你报销交通费. 我们不能保证所有商品都100%没有问题,相信没有哪个厂家或公司能保证自己的商品100%无问题.




如您订购本站商品则视为您已阅读、了解并同意接受以上协定,若您不同意,则您应立即停用本站服务. 我们有权单方随时修改或变更本服务协议之内容,并随时通过网站公布最新之约定事项,不另作个別通知.

网站 : www.myqqshop.com 

电话 : +6010-877 7217 / +6010-366 8469





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