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Member Level

Membership Level

Your membership level is determined by the number of Q-Points() in your MyQQShop Account

Upon registeration you will get 100 for FREE!
You can use  to pay for your order.(100=RM2.00). OR you can keep the in order to upgrade your current membership level!

Number Of Q-Points() Member Level Achieved Entitled Discount(%)
< 500 Bronze Member 0%
500 - 1999 Silver Member 3%
2000 - 4999 Gold Member 7%
5000 - 9999 Diamond Member 12%
> 10000 Crown Member 20%


How to earn Q-Points()?

Place order at myqqshop.com. Every item you purchased will come with certain amount of bonus Q-Point.
With Q-Point You can :

    1. Accumulate the Q-Point enable you to upgrade to higher level of membership thus enjoy extra % of discount for every order placed by you in the future!
    2. Use your Q-Point to pay for your order. (100 Q-Point = RM2.00).



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